Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Home

Okay its been four months but we are now getting our blog started.
So I thought I would start with the place we call HOME!
This is our small, little but Love-able apartment!
Small kitchen, small living room, small bedroom, small bathroom!
The theme is small...

This is the small Kitchen!  A few small changes have happened since the picture.
The last two plus months we had 2 love seats, ours and Kelsey's, so no table to make room. 
Till last week, they moved to Utah
We now have Bob's (my grandma Hopkins new husband) table and chairs.
Oh and a big metal star vs. the white shelves.

The small Living Room!  
Though we were so thankful for Kelsey letting us borrow their couch 
we are glad to have our own, however its un-pictured. 

Sorry for the Blurriness! 

Our cute small Bedroom!  
The beautiful quilt was made by Joyce (Ben's mom) for our wedding,
 comes with an amazing story, but I will get to that later!
And our "Wedding Dress" 
Thank to Greg and Leslie (Rachel's parents)!
and Katie for letting us borrow her wedding dress, thus the Bed!

Sadly our awesome dresser moved to Utah with Kelsey and Taylor, 
now its a pile cloths till we can find a new one.
Fingers crossed!

The small Bathroom!
It is small, but has great storage.
This is the shower and we love it, its a bit bigger than others!
Plus the water pressure and (mostly) unlimited hot water. 

And my newest little project, the Tree. 
And Ben's idea, the our love birds, now everywhere we move he wants to put love birds, 
if we can't paint we will get vinyl.  Ben is the cutest Husband!

Still want to fix a little bit of the tree, maybe add a few thin branches and twigs. 
But that will be at a later date!

Well that's our small Home. It may be small but we love it none the less, 
Its the perfect size for our little family of two. 

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