Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Wedding

March 24, 2012
Our wedding day was beautiful.  You see we were planing a St. Patrick's Day wedding,
but it was messing with jobs and such, so we moved it to the 24th.
It was a great choice, the 17th was snowy and grey, cold and windy.
24th, blue skies and warm,
oh and very surprisingly no wind in Rexburg! 
It was a beautiful thing!

Right after wedding! 
Walking out of the Rexburg, Idaho Temple
We were smiling ear to ear!

Yay We Are Married!!!!

The new Allen Family!

Allen's and Kunde's

The Allen's

The Kunde's

Rachel&Ben, Kelsey&Taylor, Staci&Kyle, Mom&Dad

Classic Kissing
We are a family that loves to Kiss!

Grandma Hopkins!
Funny story, she got engaged on our wedding day, 
she called Bob and said yes right after we got out of the sealing room!

Grandma and Grandpa Allen
Oh grandpa Allen, he wouldn't let me stand next to my husband,
he said "I want to stand next to the pretty lady in white"
so sweet!

Mom and Dad Allen!

Mom and Dad Kunde

Dad letting his little girl grow up. 
Little does he know, she will always be his little girl!

Rachel and Mom who looks so beautiful!!! 
"I love you Momma!"

The Dapper Men! 

The Handsome Brothers!


 The Beautiful Bridesmaids! 


The Kunde Sisters 

Kyle and Rachel! 

Scott&Amy&Cayden&(newly born)Tessa Joyce 

Silly Rachel and Mom

Ben checking out his beautiful wedding ring to Rachel

Yay Panda Express!  
Yummy yummy Food!

Jones Soda Bottles!

Tree Branches and Love Birds!

Aprons to keep us clean.
"Bride and Groom" Ben's idea. So cute!

Rachel's Mom made the cutest wedding cake topper. 

The Wedding Cake!  
Rachel drew up the cake and a few months later, 
it came to life!

The Classic Cake Cut!  

Oh man that cake was so yummy!
 Second before the picture we had dropped our piece of cake, barely caught by Rachel! 

Scott and Geoff had us smiling when we saw our car!
They really did a great job!



and Paint!

And just like that...

...we were married.  Life is so amazing.
We drove off to the Destinations Inn
Congo Room.
So much fun.
Then the next week we spent time in Oregon. Pictures to come!
Thank you so much to everyone who made this day as amazing and special at it was. 
We Love You All!

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